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Everything that we do - we do it with heart and soul. We are leaders who are burning with desire for our business to succeed and want to change the world for the better, starting from ourselves.
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Each of us focuses on building relationships and ideas for improving people's lives. We are interested in new acquaintances and partnerships with ambitious professionals who share our values.

Suppliers and Distributors
CSR is an inalienable constituent of responsible business, conception in obedience to that a company takes on an obligation to be useful to society.
Address of production facilities:
4A Stepova str, Vsevolodivka Village, Lutsk District, Volyn Region.
Address of the central office:
actual address of the administration: 43016, Lutsk, st. D. Galitsky, 14
mailing address: 43016, Lutsk, PO Box 1
Telephone hotline:
All calls made from stationary phones within Ukraine are free